Refinancing Property

WHY should you Refinance
your Mortgage

Pay lower interest rates on your property mortgage

WHAT is Property
Mortgage Refinancing?

Switching from one home loan

package to another

WHO should Refinance
their Mortgage

Property owners, landlords,


Refinance your property to pay lower interest on your loans

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WHAT is Property Mortgage Refinancing?

Mortgage refinancing is when one switches from one home loan package to another home loan package. This is usually done when cheaper home loan rates are available. 

WHY should you Refinance your Property Mortgage?

With the rising interest rate environment, property owners/investors who have financed their property with a floating rate package can refinance their loan into a fixed rate package to keep their repayments low. This will protect them from interest rate hikes. 


Interest rates for property mortgage in Singapore are typically low only for the first 3 years and the rates will increase significantly for the 4th and subsequent years. Most property owners/investors will refinance their mortgage on the 4th year. With a lower interest rate, owners/investors will enjoy lower monthly repayments.

HDB loan borrowers can also refinance their HDB Loans into a bank loan to enjoy lower interest rates. HDB loan borrowers can borrow up to 90% of their flat price, whereas a bank loan for HDB flats is only up to 80%. Hence, borrowers can refinance their HDB Loan into a bank loan after they have purchased their flats. 

WHO should Refinance their Property Mortgage?

  • Mortgagor on their 4th year of loan package (not under a lock in)

  • Property owners under a tight budget

  • Investors with intention to sell their property in the short term

  • Landlords (keep repayments low by maximising their income from their property)

  • Property investors who can take advantage of the low interest to refinance and buy another property


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